Photo of Dr. Sun Mengxin

Dr. Sun Mengxin

China Communications Construction Company

Dr. Sun is the Executive General Manager, Regional Center for East Africa, CCCC (China Communications Construction Company). Prior to joining CCCC in 2012, Sun was engaged in international cooperation in different governmental departments in China, and served as a diplomat in the Chinese Embassy to US from 2004-06. In CCCC, he started as Deputy Chief Economist for its overseas branch, and then came to Kenya in 2014 for the current position.

China Communications Construction Company, Ltd. is a publicly traded, multinational engineering and construction company primarily engaged in the design, construction and operation of infrastructure assets, including highways, bridges, tunnels, railways, subways, airports, and marine ports.


02 Oct. 2019

09:30 to 10:30


Theme 1: Physical Infrastructure

What changes will impact on transport and humanitarian logistics infrastructures in Africa?