Jean Louis Ecochard

Jean-Louis Ecochard

Chief Innovation Officer, The Center for the Digital Nonprofit, NetHope

Mr. Ecochard has spent twenty years accelerating the success of large global nonprofits. He continues in this area of collaboration as Chief Innovation Officer at The Center for the Digital Nonprofit at NetHope. He has a passion for using technology to transform ideas into new ways of working. He pioneered many technologies that we now take for granted: online banking, caller ID, digital trading, video conferencing, online advertising, and eHealth.

NetHope, Inc., founded in 2001, is an American consortium of 56 global non-governmental organizations that specializes in improving IT connectivity among humanitarian organizations in developing countries and areas affected by disaster.


 02 Oct. 2019

11:00 to 12:30

Theme 2: Digital Networks

How will digital platforms and new analytical models enable humanitarian and development supply chains to lift people out of poverty?